What does PE mean in the Bible?

PE – Your Precepts Enlighten me with truth. We begin by defining “precept” and “enlighten”: Precept – a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought. Enlighten – give (someone) spiritual knowledge or insight, to explain something clearly.

What does PE mean Hebrew?

In gematria, Pe represents the number 80. Its final form represents 800 but this is rarely used, Tav written twice (400+400) being used instead.

What does zayin mean in Psalms 119?

ZAYIN – My zeal for you Lord continues day and night, your promise renews my life. Today, we will begin by defining the word “zeal” Zeal – great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. Passion, fervor, devotion, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness and gusto.

What does 80 mean in Hebrew?

In the Hebrew alphabet, the number eighty corresponds to the letter pey (or fey). It is thought the symbol represents the divine spark of God within the soul.

What does the word Peh mean?

7. 5. Peh is another spelling of pe, the seventeenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. An example of peh is the Hebrew letter that often looks like a backwards and upside down letter G. noun.

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What does the Hebrew word Pey mean?

New Word Suggestion. pl (peys) variation of peh,feh and fey the seventeenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet with the number value eighty.

What does KOPH mean in Hebrew?

Hebrew Qof. Koph also means “children of promise” and “God’s election of grace.” Meaning of qoph. These “strange” words are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

What is the 21 letter in the alphabet?

Letters in the alphabet:

Letter Number Letter
20 T
21 U
22 V
23 W

What does QOPH mean in the Bible?

QOPH – When I QUESTION – you answer; I OBEY you and PLACE my HOPE in you, O Lord.

What does sin and Shin mean in Psalm 119?

An Acrostic Poem – is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. Example below. SIN & SHIN – Your promiSe causes me to rejoIce in everythiNg & I praiSe you with all my Heart, mInd, soul and streNgth.

What does Heth mean in Hebrew?

First recorded in 1895–1900, heth is from the Hebrew word ḥeth literally, enclosure.

What does the number 7 mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, the number “seven” has the same consonants as the word for completeness or wholeness. Tim: In Genesis 1, seven develops two key symbolic associations. One of them is that one through seven all together is a symbol of completeness.

What does the number 12 mean biblically?

The number 12 signifies perfection of government or rule. According to Bible scholars, 12 is the product of 3, which signifies the divine, and 4, which signifies the earthly. … The number 12 has further significance, as it represents authority, appointment and completeness.

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What does 26 mean in the Bible?

26 is the gematric number, being the sum of the Hebrew characters (Hebrew: יהוה‎) being the name of the god of Israel – YHWH (Yehowah).