What does Ashe mean at the end of a prayer?

They are all words of affirmation and/or agreement, which are said at the end of prayers or hymns. All three words share the same meaning(s), namely; ‘so be it’, ‘may it be so’ or ‘so shall it be’. You can use them interchangeably depending on your personal preference.” |Wikipedia:/en/Ase (Yoruba)>

What does ashe mean spiritually?

Ase or ashe (from Yoruba àṣẹ) is a Yoruba philosophical concept through which the Yoruba of Nigeria conceive the power to make things happen and produce change.

What does it mean when someone says ASE?

Asè is pronounced “ah-shay”; also spelled ashe. West African, Yoruba words have mupltiple meanings: Asè is generally defined as “the power to make things happen” or “so let it be” and also refers to the spiritual life force that flows through things.

Does ASÉ mean amen?

A dictionary of Yoruba Language (2008) defined ÀṢẸ as law, command, commandment, instruction, or order. This definition view ÀṢẸ from the perspectives of authority that one person or group of person’s has over the other. The same dictionary further states that ÀṢẸ means Amen, which means “so be it”.

What is your ashe?

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How do you use the word Ashe?

” “Ashe” is a very central word and concept for Orisha-worship. On the one hand it is used often at the end of prayers. It means “may our prayers become reality, may we receive the blessing by the Orisha, short: may it manifest!”

What do you say when someone says ase?

It means, “Right on!” “Yes!” “I’m with you!” “I can dig it.” So when someone says something you like, say Asé loud and proud, for it is definitely not a meek and retiring word.

How do you say ase?

The name Ase can pronounced as “AH-she” in text or letters. Ase is bay girl name, main origion is Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish. English meanings of Ase is “God-like” and popular in Christian religion.

Is Yoruba a religion?

The Yoruba religion (Yoruba: Ìṣẹ̀ṣe) comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practice of the Yoruba people. … Yoruba religion is the basis for a number of religions in the New World, notably Santería, Umbanda, Trinidad Orisha, Haitian Vodou, and Candomblé.

What does ache mean in Santeria?

In Santeria, Ache is a cosmological belief that originates with Yoruba in West Africa. Ache is the energy source in the world.