Quick Answer: Who voices Elizabeth in the seven deadly sins?

Who voice acts Elizabeth from the seven deadly sins in English?

Erika Lynn Harlacher (born August 29, 1990 in Ventura County, California, USA) is an American voice actress affiliated with SDI Media, Bang Zoom! Entertainment and FUNimation Entertainment. She is known for voicing Kurapika in Hunter × Hunter, Elizabeth Liones in The Seven Deadly Sins, Asseylum Vers Allusia in Aldnoah.

How old is Erika Harlacher?

Erika Harlacher is a voice actor known for voicing Ann Takamaki, Kurapika, and Venti.

Who voices Elaine seven deadly sins?

Brianna Knickerbocker is the English dub voice of Elaine in The Seven Deadly Sins, and Kotori Koiwai is the Japanese voice.

Who played Elizabeth in BioShock?

Orlando, Florida, U.S. Courtnee Alyssa Draper (born April 24, 1985) is an American actress. She is best known for her roles as Morgan Hudson in The Jersey, Sam in The Thirteenth Year, Megan Larson in Stepsister from Planet Weird, Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite and Sarah Whitaker in Days Gone.

What color is Ban’s hair?

Ban is a very tall, muscular man with pale skin, who possesses a set of well-developed abdominal muscles and usually slouches. He has short, spiky, pale blue hair and thin black eyebrows, as well as a pair of scarlet-red eyes. On the left side of his jaw and neck, he has a large scar given to him by Meliodas.

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Who is Kurapika’s va?

Erika Harlacher is the English dub voice of Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter (2011), and Miyuki Sawashiro is the Japanese voice.

How old is Zach Aguilar?

He is known for voicing Shalnark in Hunter × Hunter, Akira Fudo in Devilman: Crybaby, Vinegar Doppio in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Jinta “Jintan” Yadomi in anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, Ryota Suzui in Kakegurui and Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order: First Order.

Who plays Shinobu in demon slayer?

Stephanie Sheh is the English dub voice of Hinata Hyuga in Naruto, and Nana Mizuki is the Japanese voice.

Is Cristina Vee in Kakegurui?

Cris Miss Vee on Twitter: “Couple’a things I’m Yuriko in Kakegurui (Netflix) Digimon Tri in theaters tonight https://t.co/i1tRJYnVr9” / Twitter.

Who has Brianna Knickerbocker voice acted?

Brianna Knickerbocker is a voice actor known for voicing Rem, Sakura, and Hu Tao.

Who voices Kanao demon slayer?

Brianna Knickerbocker is the English dub voice of Kanao Tsuyuri in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Reina Ueda is the Japanese voice.

How tall is Elaine SDS?

Seven Deadly Sins Statistics Chart

Character Age Height
Escanor 41 Normal: 5’5″ / 165cm Sunshine: 10’8″ / 325cm
Elizabeth Liones 16 5’4″ / 162cm
Hawk 16 3’3″ / 100cm
Elaine 1000+ 4’11” / 150cm