Best answer: Why should Christians study art?

1 — Studying the history of art helps us more fully understand GOD. … As a result, we, His created, can better understand and worship God through the appreciation of His (and His apprentices’) artistic works. This concept is beautifully expressed in the very throne room of God as recorded in Revelations 4:11.

Why is art important to Christianity?

Christianity and Christian Art

Artists use their artworks to express their own faith or to describe Biblical events and views on Christianity. Often, their works are designed to have a special effect on the viewer. Some works of art are devotionals, designed to make the viewer think deeply about faith and beliefs.

Why should Christians study visual arts?

Related Content. Our study of visual arts will promote and encourage a thoughtful and aesthetic response to God’s revelation of Himself and His purposes in creation, the effects of the fall throughout creation, and the work of Christ to bring redemption to man and substantial healing to the world.

What does Christianity say about art?

Like all gifts that God gives, the gift of art is to be developed and then used for His glory.

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What is the relationship between Christianity and art?

Christians used their art and architecture primarily to express their spiritual beliefs and communicate their faith in Jesus Christ as the Incarnate Son of God.

Why is art so important?

Art forces humans to look beyond that which is necessary to survive and leads people to create for the sake of expression and meaning. … Art can communicate information, shape our everyday lives, make a social statement and be enjoyed for aesthetic beauty.

Why is art important in religion?

As visible religion, art communicates religious beliefs, customs, and values through iconography and depictions of the human body. The foundational principle for the interconnections between art and religion is the reciprocity between image making and meaning making as creative correspondence of humanity with divinity.

Is painting allowed in Christianity?

The Bible does say not to make any images but our God does not throw us in a frenzy of rabid violence when images are made. Each man/woman is accountable to God in the day of judgment.

What is creativity according to the Bible?

Extensive word study led to the conclusion that creativity in Scripture refers exclusively to God’s achievements and that those achievements are in two dimensions which mirror human creativity. … In the other dimension he creates by doing or performing rather than making.

What does the word art mean in the Bible?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English thou art old-fashioned biblicala phrase meaning ‘you are’ → art.

What is the purpose of art in the church?

The purpose of these images is to remind them of their faith. And it’s not just Roman Catholic Churches that are filled with art, it’s also common within all divisions of the greater Catholic Church, especially Eastern Orthodox churches where icons play a significant role.

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